Also known as: Athens Services, Athens Disposal, West Covina Disposal, and Arakelian Enterprises. Run by the same family that ran the Operating Industries landfill.

The trash industry leader in pollution, heath violations, union-busting and price-fixing!

Time after time, Athens is found GUILTY of breaking the health, environment and business laws:


UPDATE: Athens settles AQMD lawsuit. Athens agrees to pay the
largest fine in AQMD history and AQMD imposes restrictions on
City of Industry facility operations. Click to read the confidential
settlement agreement, which StopAthens.Org is the first to release publicly



GUILTY: of breaking Air Quality laws

GUILTY: of illegal dumping

GUILTY: of Union-busting

GUILTY: of Breaking Health Safety Laws

Don't let Athens dump on your town!

GUILTY: of Operating Dangerous Facilities

GUILTY: of Price-Fixing

GUILTY: of Not Caring

GUILTY: of Forging Truck Safety Certificates

This is maintained by Montebello Residents for Honest Government PAC.

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Useful websites:
South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD)
SCAQMD hearing documents on the lawbreaking by Athens. Enter "Select Hearing Board Case" and search for case number 5655-2.
Los Angeles County Department of Environmental Health, Solid Waste Division
California Integrated Waste Management Agency facilities database